Bug - What to do when the data section of the Power Apps Maker portal doesn't work

Currently, there is a bug that prevents connections from being created, shared, or edited from the Power Apps Maker portal. Here's what to do if you experience this problem.

For the last couple of weeks, there has been a bug in the Power Apps Maker portal that has affected some users.

From the Connections section of the portal, the menu items to edit, share, or create new connections no longer work. When clicking any of these menu items, nothing happens.

The reason why this can be a significant problem is that it becomes impossible to edit the credentials of an existing connection if the underlying username/password were to change.

What to do when the 'data' section of the maker portal doesn't work

I raised this problem with Microsoft support who confirmed that this was a bug that was introduced in a recent update to the maker portal.

The interim fix that Microsoft suggested was interesting. Instead of editing the data objects through the Power Apps maker portal, they suggested that I edit those objects through the Power Automate portal (

The recent updates to the data section had not been applied to the Power Automate portal. As the screenshot above shows, the Data items appear in a sub-menu beneath 'Data', which is how it used to be in the Power Apps portal.

Sure enough, I was able to edit and add connections through the Power Automate portal, and I was able to verify that those changes appeared in the Power Apps portal correctly afterwards.


The conclusion to this is that in future, if any of the items in the data section of the Power Apps maker portal no longer work, the first port of action is to attempt the same operation in the Power Automate portal.

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