Category: Excel

How to use formulas to perform calculations in Excel and to display the results in Power Apps

This post walks through how to perform calculations with formulas in Microsoft Excel, and how to return the results to Power Apps using Power Automate and Office Script.

Tools - Convert Excel to Collections Online

If you need to create a local collection based on data from an Excel spreadsheet, I've created an online tool to generate formula that builds a collection, based on data that's been copied from an Excel spreadsheet. Here are the details of how this works.

Excel - What to be aware of when building apps with Excel - Service Rate Limit

If you use the Excel Online Business Connector, here's an occasional glitch that's worth being aware of.

Dataverse - Excel Import - How to fix Microsoft ACE OLEDB 12.0 Error

When we attempt to import an Excel spreadsheet from OneDrive to Dataverse, we may encounter a 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' error message. This post describes a fix for this issue.

Bug - Excel Online (Business) connector fails to search or to filter against columns with a space in the name

When we attempt to Filter, Search, or to LookUp records based on criteria that references column names with spaces, Power Apps returns an error. This post describes this behaviour in more detail.

Excel - Vote to add numeric column support to the 'Excel Online Business Connector' connector!

The Excel Online Business connector does not correctly support number / numeric columns. This post describes this behaviour in more detail, and provides a link where you can vote to fix this limitation.

Excel - All you need to know about the 'Excel Online Business' connector

The traditional way of connecting to an Excel data source through the OneDrive connector imposes serious limitations on the number of records we can retrieve. We can overcome several of these with the Excel Online Business connector, but it introduces a different set of problems. This post introduces the 'Excel for Business' connector, and describes what you need to know.

Data - Excel vs Google Sheets

The limitations of using Excel as a data source are well known. If we want to store data in spreadsheets, how does Google Sheets compare? In this post, we'll walk through how to connect to a Google Sheets, and find out whether the Google Sheets connector applies the same file and row size limits as the Excel connector.