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SharePoint - Deleting the last record from a SharePoint list - how NOT to do this!

If you need to write formula to delete or to remove the last record from a SharePoint, this post describes the pattern that you should follow.

Walkthrough - An beginners guide to building an app that stores images in SharePoint

If you want to store images in SharePoint, this post gives an introductory guide on how to carry out this task.

SharePoint - What to do when there's a mismatch between times in Power Apps and SharePoint

If the daytime values from a SharePoint list don't correspond to the values that you see in Power Apps, this post describes the most likely cause.

SharePoint - Filtering lists by User() is now delegable

A common requirement is to filter SharePoint records by the email address of the current user. In the past, this task could be difficult because filtering lists by User().Email was not delegable. The good news is that Microsoft has now improved this behaviour and is post describes what's new.

SharePoint - How to fix the "skip to main content" error message on integrated forms, or to fix forms where records don't save

Why do I receive a "skip to main content" message when I attempt to save a record on a SharePoint integrated form? This post describes this problem that app builders sometimes encounter.

SharePoint - Use this trick to perform a 'contains' type search in a more delegable way

With SharePoint, it's difficult to perform a 'contains' type search that returns all matching records where the search term appears anywhere within a field, due to the fact that the search function is not delegable. A possible hack is to perform the search through a look up column. This enables us to carry out a delegable 'contains' type search against lists of up to 5,000 records. This post describes this technique in more detail.

Sharepoint - Filtering records by yes/no columns bug - now fixed!

If you've been using SharePoint and Power Apps for some time, you may be aware of the bug that prevents the correct filtering of Yes/No columns. The good news is that this has now been fixed and this post describes in further detail, the past and new behaviour.

Configuration - How to set the SharePoint address of a data source with a variable

When we build SharePoint based apps that we need to move between environments or tenants, a best practice is to store the list addresses in variables. This enables us to easily update the target data source when we move the app to a different location. This post walks through how to carry out this task.

Data - How to make a copy of a record

A common requirement is to make a copy of a record, based on an existing record. This post describes some examples of how to carry out this task, including how to copy an existing record from a form, a gallery control, and how to write formula that copies the last created record.

SharePoint - How to export and import lists and maintain lookup relationships

A common requirement is to export and import sets of SharePoint lists, and to maintain the lookup data. This post describes how to carry out this task.

SharePoint - how to fix list threshold errors when working with very large lists

When we attempt to filter large SharePoint lists, the operation may fail with the error "The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold". This post describes this error, including how to fix this problem.

Data - How to move SharePoint sites, lists, and data

SharePoint is a very popular data source with Power Apps. A common requirement is to move data and lists between sites, or different tenants or organisations. In this post, we'll walk through how to use PowerShell to carry out this task.

Code - Can we hack SharePoint ID columns to be delegable using the greater than/less than operators?

Power Apps recognise a SharePoint ID column in a peculiar way. It recognises an ID column as numeric, but does not support delegable filter operations against this type of column using the greater than/less than operators. In this post, we'll investigate whether or not we can fix this problem in code.

SharePoint - How to filter records by the current user

A common requirement is to filter SharePoint records by email address. This use case scenario often attracts many questions from app builders who struggle to implement this in a delegable way. In this post, I'll describe how to carry out this type of filtering in a delegable way.

SharePoint - Beware of numeric calculated columns!

Help! - my numbers don't format correctly or they appear with loads of trailing numbers. If we encounter this problem, a likely cause is a bug that affects SharePoint calculated columns. This post examines this issue in more detail.