Category: Formulas

Dates - 4 tips to make sure that dates display correctly in UK "dd mm yyyy" format

A common requirement for UK app builders is to configure canvas apps to aways accept and display dates in "dd/mm/yyyy" format.This post describes 4 tips to help ensure that date picker and label controls display dates as expected.

Formulas - How to calculate the distance between 2 points

We can calculate the distance between two longitude and latitude co-ordinates using a trigonometric calculation. It's a complex formula so in this post, we'll find out how exactly this works, including a verification of the result. We'll see how to perform this distance calculation in both kilometers and miles.

SharePoint - How to Patch the 6 most complex data types

With SharePoint, the syntax to patch certain data types can look very complicated. In this post, we'll summarise the syntax to patch lookup, single choice, multi-choice, yes/no, single person/group, and multi person/group columns.

Formulas - Generating Row Numbers - Part 2

Here's a technique to display row numbers against a sorted set of data in a gallery control.

Data - How to access nested collections/tables

If you're struggling to access records in nested collections/tables, here's some example syntax.

Formulas - Show Running Totals

Find out how to show running totals within a gallery.

Formulas - Generating Row Numbers

Find out how to display row numbers against records.