Category: Controls

Controls - How to build a control to enter measurements in inches with fractional units

If you need to build data entry screens that permit the entry of fractional units, this post walks through how to carry out this task with the help of a slider control.

Controls - How to build a component for users to enter numbers with a set of connected slider and text input controls

This post describes how to build a component that allows users to enter numbers with a connected set of slider and text input controls. It also describes how to incorporate the component into a screen with an existing edit form.

Controls - How to use the Tab List control - Examples

Do you want to use the new Power Apps Tab List control but don't know how? If so, this post provides some practical examples of how to use this new control.

Controls - How to set height of nested galleries dynmically

When working with sets of nested galleries, it may be necessary to specify a variable height for each instance of a child gallery in order to avoid empty white space or scrollbars. This post provides an example of how to carry out this task.

Barcodes - How to scan barcodes - a summary of the 3 available barcode scanning controls

Power Apps provides 3 different controls for scanning barcodes. How do these controls differ and what are the circumstances in which we would use each control? Read this post to find out more.

Controls - How to create multi-line tooltips or multi-line text input control hint text

If you're stuck on how to insert line breaks in tooltips and hint-text for text input controls, here's a quick guide on how to accomplish this.

Controls - How to add a clickable image / image button

A simple and common requirement is to add a clickable image. This post describes how to carry out this task including how to display the hand-icon when the user hovers over the image.

Controls - Restrict text input control to whole numbers only

With text input controls, there's no native way to restrict data entry to whole numbers only. This post describes a technique that we can use to limit input values to integers or whole numbers only.

Controls - How to submit a form (or to run formula) when a user presses enter/return on the keyboard

There is often the requirement to submit a form or to carry out an action when a user clicks the enter or return key on the keyboard. This post describes a technqiue we can use to carry out this task.

Controls - How to create rounded labels - workaround

There's no built-in way to round the corners of a label, however, we can workaround this problem by using a text input control instead. This post describes this technique in more detail.

Controls - How to enter and display Office/Microsoft 365 email addresses with a combo box

When building data entry screens, a common requirement is to simplify the entry of email addresses by providing a combo box that displays all the email addresses that are available throughout the Microsoft/Office 365 tenant. This post describes the formula to build and configure this type of combo box.

Gallery control - How to set no selected item in a gallery

There are cases where we want to clear all selected items in a gallery control, or to configure a gallery control so that no items are selected on load.This post describes how to configure a gallery control to behave in this manner.

Model Driven App - How to apply an input mask to a text input field

Unlike canvas apps, a feature of model driven apps is the inclusion of a masked input control. It may not be obvious how to apply this feature so in this post, we'll walk through the steps.

Controls - How to reset or clear data entry controls, and form values

When building data entry screens, a common requirement is to add a button that clears, or resets data entry controls back to their default value. This post describes the technqiues that we can use to carry out this task.

Controls - How to Transition/Show/Hide controls with a Sliding Effect

There's no built-in way to hide/show controls with a transition effect. The best workaround I suggest is to use a technique by Mr Dang. In this post, I highlight this technique and explain - what is an easing equation?