Learn Power Apps and Dataverse with the free, online 'app in a day' training course

The 'app in day' course provides a great introduction to Power Apps, and is up to date (as of May 2021). Read this post to find out more, including where to download the course content.

If you're just starting out with the Power Platform or if you're interested in learning more, a great learning resource is the free "app in a day" training course. Prior to the pandemic, Microsoft delivered this course at instructor led, in-person events around the world.

The "app in a day" course was updated last month (May 2021), and is now up-to-date in terms of all the naming change from CDS to Dataverse.

What this course contains

The course takes the example of a corporate organisation where every three years, employees can order new computers and hardware. There are 4 modules to the course:

  1. Canvas apps
  2. Dataverse
  3. Model driven apps
  4. Power Automate
The first module teaches us how to build the canvas app that employees use to order the hardware. It introduces how to use the designer, including an in-depth discussion of the gallery control.

The next module introduces Dataverse, and includes content on how to create tables, calculated columns, and business rules. It then covers how to modify the canvas app to save data to the Dataverse database.

The model driven app module describes how to build a model driven app to help fulfil the device order. This includes how to build a "business process flow" to manage the order.

The final module introduces "Power Automate", and describes how to build an approval process that seeks approval from a manager before the fulfilment of the order.

Where to download the course

We can download the course content from the following site:

This link downloads a ZIP file, and the screenshot beneath shows the extracted content.

There are 4 PDF files that correspond to each module, and a set of Excel spreadsheets for use in the course.The content is a guided 'lab' with step-by-step instructions on how to build the example apps.

The course material also includes solution files with the completed app.


If you're looking for an introductory course on Power Apps, I would recommend the 'app in a day' course. The offers a great introduction to Dataverse, Power Automate, and both canvas.and model driven apps.