GPS - 3 Frequent Questions about Location Services

Help - my app isn't picking up correct location/GPS values! If the location features aren't working, it might be due to these reasons that I most commonly see.

Settings - Old Layout vs New Layout (2021)

The settings area has now received a new look! Let's compare how the new look compares against the old, including a nostalgic look at what it contained, way back in 2017.

What to do when some part your app breaks, or starts behaving differently?

Why doesn't my app work today?? If your app worked fine yesterday and suddenly stops, or works differently today, it's possible that an update to Power Apps has broken your app. If this happens to you, here's what you can try to restore your app to a working state.

5 Tips for when you can't sign into Power Apps

It can be so frustrating when some obscure error prevents us from logging into Power Apps! If we find ourselves in this position, here are 5 things we can try to resolve the problem.