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Apps - What happens to canvas apps when the owner/employee leaves an organisation?

When an employee leaves an organisation, what happens to the apps that they've built? Can other employees continue to edit and access the apps?

How to work more quickly with Power Apps by creating browser bookmarks

If you work frequently with Power Apps, it's a good idea to create browser bookmarks to help quickly navigate to the most commonly used areas. This describes the fomrat of the URLs that we can add as bookmarks.

What languages does Power Apps support, and how to start Power Apps in a different langauge?

This post summarises the languages that Power Apps supports and describes an easy way to run Power Apps Studio in the language of our choice.

New model driven app designer - a first look

A new, much improved model driven app designer is now available in preview! This post takes a first look at this designer, including how to access the designer, and a high level overview of the new features.

Learn Power Apps and Dataverse with the free, online 'app in a day' training course

The 'app in day' course provides a great introduction to Power Apps, and is up to date (as of May 2021). Read this post to find out more, including where to download the course content.

Themeing - How to apply consistant styles and themes to canvas apps with the CoE theming solution

Within organisations, it's usually necessary to build apps that comply with corporate branding styles. A common requirement is to build apps that share the same colours, font styles, and overall look and feel. To help with this requirement, the CoE starter kit provides a theming solution and this post introduces how this works.

Does Power Apps still support Internet Explorer (IE) - 2020?

Does Power Apps still support IE? If so, for how much longer? Are there any issues with running Power Apps on IE? This post explores some of these common questions.

How app design will become much easier with the new converged/integrated canvas and model driven app designer

Developing apps will become much easier with the new integrated designer. This post takes a first look at how this looks.

General - The easiest way to convert phone apps to tablet apps

The easiest way to convert a canvas phone app to a tablet app is to use the 'phone to tablet app' converter. This post walks through this process, and verifies that it still works today (in 2021).

Email - How to send email with the Office 365 Outlook connector

Sending messages with the Outlook connector can be tricky. What's the syntax to specify multiple recipients, BCC/CC recipients, the 'From' and 'Reply-to' email addresses, the message importance and attachments? How do we define line breaks in the message body? This post will answer all of these common questions.

General - How to change the language of Power Apps Studio

How do we change the display language of Power Apps Studio? In this post, we'll take a brief look at the language settings and find out where to change the display language.

2021 Release Wave 1 - A review of the upcoming features for April - September 2021

The 2021 Release Wave 1 plan describes the Power Platform features that are scheduled for release between April 2021 and September 2021. What features have been planned for Power Apps? In this post, I'll provide a brief summary of the Power Apps features in the plan.

GPS - 3 Frequent Questions about Location Services

Help - my app isn't picking up correct location/GPS values! If the location features aren't working, it might be due to these reasons that I most commonly see.

Settings - Old Layout vs New Layout (2021)

The settings area has now received a new look! Let's compare how the new look compares against the old, including a nostalgic look at what it contained, way back in 2017.

What to do when some part your app breaks, or starts behaving differently?

Why doesn't my app work today?? If your app worked fine yesterday and suddenly stops, or works differently today, it's possible that an update to Power Apps has broken your app. If this happens to you, here's what you can try to restore your app to a working state.