PVA - 6 Power Virtual Agents videos you should watch

If you want to learn about Power Virtual Agents, particularly around the topics of architecture, integration, and best practices, I recommend the following 6 videos from the Power CAT team.

If you're interested in learning more about Power Virtual Agents, I would recommend watching the following six videos by Matt Farmer from the Power Apps CAT team (customer advisory team). This is the Microsoft team that provides consultancy for customers. Therefore, the content is always accurate and reflects best practices.

The 6 videos are designed for architects and IT professionals, and offer a comprehensive overview of Power Virtual Agents. The total runtime is just under six hours.

Here are the links to the videos:

  1. Planning your first bot

  2. Build out your PVA bot

  3. Extend your bot with the Power Platform

  4. Extend your bot with Azure

  5. Advanced topics

  6. Governance

The first video introduces the basic concepts, such as those that I described in the post beneath.Therefore, this series of videos requires no prerequisite knowledge.

The second video covers content on authoring topics, triggering content, measuring performance, and a channels.

The next 2 videos cover how to extend bots with the Power Platform (including Power Automate, AI Builder, QnA Builder, and Power Automate desktop). For more complex scenarios, the Azure video describes how to integrate PVA with the Azure Bot Framework, and covers integration patterns for calling other backend Azure services.

The final two videos cover advanced topics, including Omnichannel integration, how to customise the PVA canvas appearance with Javascript, how to implement authentication/single sign on, and analytecs. The governace video covers the topic of deployment and solutions.

Finally, the supporting materials (including the PowerPoint slides and solutions) are available through the link beneath.