Dataverse - How to fix the bug in the 'Business Rules' editor that prevents numeric values from saving

When there is a mismatch between the language of Dataverse and the language of the editor, business rules can fail to save with an error that looks like this - 'Enter a value from -922,337,203,685,477.00 through 922.337,203,685,477.00'. This post describes a workaround for this issue.

For Power App users in non-English regions, a frustrating problem can occur when building business rules. There are some examples of this problem in the threads below.

The problem is that the editor blocks the entry of numbers greater than 1000 by formatting the number with 1000 comma separators.

Demonstration of how this bug occurs

To illustrate how this bug occurs, let's imagine that we have a quote table and that we want to define a business rule that sets an 'importance' field to 'important' if the value of a quote exceeds 20,000.

We begin to construct this business rule by creating a condition. In the screenshot below, we select the field QuoteValue, the operator 'is greater than or equal to', and we enter a value of 20000.

The important thing to note is that when we enter the 20000 (without any commas) and tab out of the value textbox, the editor automatically formats the value as 20,000 (eg, with 1000 comma separators).

If the language of Dataverse is set to a non-English locale (eg Spanish, French, German) that expects a decimal point symbol as the 1000 separator, the editor fails to save the business rule and produces an error that looks along the lines of this:

  • Enter a value from -922,337,203,685,477.00 through 922.337,203,685,477.00.
  • Enter a value from 0.00 through 100,000,000,000,000.00

How to fix the 'enter a value' bug when creating a business rule

The fix for this problem is to configure the number format of the business rule editor so that it matches the language of Dataverse. As Heike highlights in the forum, one way to do this is as follows.

Under the cog icon in Power Apps, click 'Advanced settings'.

This opens the Dynamics 365 settings area. From here, click the cog icon and select Options.

From the 'Set Personal Options' dialog, go to the 'Formats' tab and click the Customize button.

From here, we can set the Digit Group and Negative Number Format dropdowns to not include any formatting, and we can also set the Decimal Symbol to a comma (if Dataverse is set to a European language).

At this point, we can return to the Business Rule editor. When we enter a number into the value textbox, the editor will not format the input value with 1000 value separators, and the editor should then save the Business Rule without any errors.