How to get started with PowerApps – Subscription Sign-Up Walkthrough

In the previous article, we looked at how to obtain a ‘work and school’ email address for use with PowerApps. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to subscribe to PowerApps.

Microsoft provides several subscription options. We can access PowerApps through an Office 365 subscription or though a stand alone plan.  There is also a free community plan that provides an ideal way to trial, and to learn how to use PowerApps. The main limitation of the community plan is that it is designed for individual use, and not licensed for production use.

In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to subscribe to the community plan. The first step is to visit the following website

Enter your work email address, as shown below.


Fig 1 – Enter your work email address

Microsoft will now send you a confirmation email that contains a verification code.


Fig 2 – The contents of the confirmation email

In the next page of the setup screen, enter your name and choose a password. You’ll also need to enter your verification code.


Fig 3 – Enter your verification code

Next, choose your country and to accept the terms and conditions.


Fig 4 – Accept the terms and conditions

If the registration succeeds, you’ll see the screen that’s shown beneath. From here, you can choose one of the options to create your first app.


Fig 5 – Your registration succeeded – carry on to build some apps!

What to do if the registration process fails

The registration process can fail for a variety of reasons. If you receive an error, the best advice is to visit this troubleshooting page.


Fig 6 – Go here for more help


Provided that you have a work email address, it’s easy to subscribe to PowerApps. This article has highlighted the steps to subscribe to the community edition. From here, you can you can begin to build some apps.