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10 Great Ideas to Improve Power Apps

In this post, I review the Power Apps ideas forum and I highlight 10 great ideas that I think would make a big improvement to the product.

Top New Power App Features from 2020

2020 was a great year for Power Apps, with many new features and additions. In this post, I summarise some the top features that were added in 2020.

Sample Apps– How to auto save forms, carry out translations, and much more!

Both new and experienced app builders should look at Mr Dang's 'design patterns' app. Read this to find out more, and to also find out how to setup Microsoft Cognitive Services with PowerApps.

Authentication - Allowing Guest / Anonymous Access

Coming soon! Guest access for PowerApps...

Review of PowerApps - PC Magazine

PowerApps wins the PC Magazine 'Editors Choice' award.

Missing Features - Printing

PowerApps has no print support. What can you do instead?

7 Alternatives to PowerApps

How does PowerApps compare to other similar products? Find out here.

Running PowerApps on older mobile devices

Find out how to run PowerApps on Android 4, Windows 7, and Windows XP

Finding your way round the PowerApps websites

Here are all the official Microsoft PowerApps web resources you should know about.

How to get started with PowerApps – Subscription Sign-Up Walkthrough

Step by step guide through the PowerApps sign up process.

Getting a Work Email Account for use with PowerApps

PowerApps doesn't work with Gmail/Hotmail/etc. Find out how to register a domain for use with PowerApps here.

One minute guide to building apps with PowerApps

Follow these 5 simple steps to get started with PowerApps.

Top 5 reasons to choose PowerApps

Why choose PowerApps? Here are 5 great reasons.