Finding your way round the PowerApps websites

Microsoft provides several online resources for PowerApps users. Here are my top tips to help you better understand the online resources that are available.

  1. Official Website - You can find the official website for PowerApps through the following address: Through this site, you can find links to documentation, online learning materials, and information about pricing.
  2. Documentation - The website for the PowerApps documentation is here: Two areas I find particularly useful are the formula and control reference sections. These are areas that I refer to these regularly in my day to day use of PowerApps.
  3. CDS Documentation - The Common Data Service is a database that connects easily with PowerApps. However, the CDS documentation resides on a different website. You can find it here:
  4. Forums - The best place to find answers to questions to questions is through the ‘PowerUsers’ community. Here’s the link to the PowerApps forum: To use the forums, you need to register separately with a Microsoft Work Account.
  5. Official Blog - For the latest official news on PowerApps, the place to visit is the PowerApps blog: Here, you’ll find news and articles from members of the PowerApps team.
  6. Update History - Microsoft updates PowerApps regularly, around every 3 to 5 weeks. You can find the version number that you’re using by looking in the account section of PowerApps Studio. The version number will look something like this - 2.0.730. The minor 3 digits of the version number change following each release. Sometimes, a new release can change or break the behaviour of your apps. For more information, this page contains the details of each release:
  7. Ideas Forum - PowerApps is a relatively new product and it can lack features that we would find useful. If you ask a questions in the forums and there isn’t an answer, the staff will likely ask you to submit an idea through the following site It’s a good idea to monitor this area to better understand some of the limitations of PowerApps. More importantly, you can vote on the items that you want to see in PowerApps and the PowerApps team will use this data to prioritise the features in upcoming releases.