Category: Formula

Email - Sending email attachments with the Office 365 Outlook connector

The syntax to attach files to an email message can be complex. This post describes how to use the Office 365 Outlook connector to send emails with attachments. It covers how to attach files from a SharePoint record, files that a user selects using an attachments control, images, audio recordings, and multiple combinations of files.

Formula - What to try when numbers don't format correctly

A frustrating problem that app builders sometimes encounter is the inability to format numbers correctly. This post examines what to try if you find yourself in this situation.

Controls - How to convert HTML to Text

A frequent requirement is to convert HTML to text. This issue arises frequently when app builders attempt to display values from SharePoint rich text columns. This post summarises the methods to display rich text content in Power Apps, and how to convert HTML to text.

Formulas - how to return all days between two dates

There are some scenarios where we need to return all the days between a given start and end date. This post describes the formula to build a table of sequential, consecutive days.

Formula - How to create comma separated (CSV) list of items

A common requirement is to build a comma separated list based on items from a data source or collection. This post demonstrates this technique by building a CSV string of selected items from a combo box.

Formula - How to use the IF and Switch functions - 3 common examples

The two primary functions to carry out conditional operations are If and Switch. The typical questions that arise include - how do I match a value against numeric ranges, a list of acceptable values, or a list of matching conditions? This post highlights the example syntax that we can use.

Location - Finding the closest location and and sorting records by distance, based on the current location of the user

Given a data source that contains a list of locations, which record matches the location that is nearest to an input location? This is typical challenge we face when we want to build a feature that, for example, returns a list of stores that is sorted in distance relative to the current location of a customer. In this post, we'll walk through the formula that enables us to carry out this calculation.

Formulas - How to cope with weekends and public holidays in date calculations

Performing date calculations that take working days and public holidays into account can be complicated. This post summarises and verifies the formula to calculate the number of working days between two dates, and the formula to add a given number of working days to a start date.