Category: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting - How to use the 'app checker' to fix a broken 'service desk' template app

When an app stops working, we can use the 'app checker'  to review the errors. To demonstrate how this works, this post describes the errors that can occur when template apps become outdated, and walks through the process of troubleshooting how to fix an app with this tool.

What to do when we see the error - "Sorry, there's been a disconnect"

On some rare occasions, we may encounter an error page that contains the message "sorry, there's been a disconnect". This post highlights possible causes of this error, and how to fix it.

Troubleshooting - What to do when mobile app users can't login?

In situations where users can't login through the mobile or Windows apps, the most likely fix for the problem is to reset the Power Apps player. This post shows where we can find this setting.