SQL - Have you seen these Power Platform options in SQL Azure portal?

From the SQL Azure Portal, there is now the option to create a Power App ontop of a SQL Table. Here's a closer look at this feature.

I guess it's well known that from a SharePoint list, a menu item exists that creates an 'auto-generated' Power App that contains browse, display, and edit screens.

But did you know that for SQL Azure, an equivalent set of menu items also appear in the left-hand pane?

These menu items are currently in preview, but we can use these to create a Power App that's based on a SQL Server table that we specify.

Just like the SharePoint counterpart, the 'create' button builds an auto generated app with browse, display, and edit screen. It creates the app in the default environment.

For regular app builders, this feature probably doesn't add much benefit because those users will be familiar with the data connectivity features in Power Apps studio.

However, I do think this is a very positive addition to the SQL Azure portal, because it helps promote Power Apps to a wider demographic, including more traditional database developers who may not have heard of the Power Platform. Hopefully, this will encourage more users to explore and to experience the benefits and productivity of Power Apps and the Power Platform.