Category: Sql Server

SQL - Caution! This is how users can hack shared SQL connections

Is your SQL Server data as secure as you think? If we create a shared 'implicit' connection, our database may be more open than we think. In this post, we'll look at how users can exploit the security vulnerability that is associated with this connection type.

SQL - How can we count rows accurately?

With SQL Server, the Count and CountRow functions produce delegation warnings. Without these functions, does it make it impossible to count records from large SQL Server tables? The answer is no! In this post, I'll describe a trick that enables us to carry out this task.

SQL - Have you seen these Power Platform options in SQL Azure portal?

From the SQL Azure Portal, there is now the option to create a Power App ontop of a SQL Table. Here's a closer look at this feature.

SQL Server for Beginners Part 3 - Installing On-Premises Gateway

Find out how to install and connect to a local SQL Server with the on-premises gateway

SQL Server for Beginners Part 1 - Installing SQL Server

If you're completely new to SQL Server, this post will show you how to install an on-premise instance of SQL Server.

Excel vs SharePoint vs SQL Server vs CDS

Don't know what data source to use? Read this to find out which data source can best suit your needs.