Category: Email

Email - Complete guide to validating email addresses

This post provides a guide on how to validate email address, including how to validate single and multiple email addresses, and how to accept or to reject email addresses based on email domain.

Bug - Sending email messages with the Office365Outlook connector that includes SharePoint file attachments no longer works

If you want to use the Office365Outlook connector to send email messages with file attachments from SharePoint, it's useful to note that this no longer works following a recent update to Power Apps.

Email - Sending messages with SMTP connector

The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), is the industry standard protocol that supports the delivery of email messages. From Power Apps, we can use the SMTP connector to send email, and this post describes how to carry out common tasks, such as how to send messages to multiple recipients, add BCC/CC recipients, and how to add attachments.

Email - How to save multiple email addresses in a field, and configure the selection and display of addresses through a combo box

There are cases where we want to build a data entry screen where users can store multiple email addresses in a field. This post describes how to store a semi-colon separated list of email addresses in a SharePoint list, and configure a combo box control to allow the entry and display of the email addresses.

Email - How to open a new Outlook mail message and pre-populate the subject and message

In cases where we want create a new Outlook mail message and to pre-populate the recipient, subject and email body, we can accomplish this by calling the Launch function and specifying a "mailto" URL. This post describes this technqiue in more detail.

Email - How to send email without the Office 365 Outlook connector (using the Mail connector)

In cases where we cannot use the Office 365 Outlook connector, or don't have a suitable email account available, we can send messages using the Mail connector. This post describes how to send messages using this connector, including how to specify multiple recipients, CC/BCC recipients, and how to include attachments.

Email - How to send mail with the Gmail connector

The syntax to send messages with the Google connector can be tricky. How do we specify multiple recipients, BCC/CC recipients, the 'From' and 'Reply-to' email addresses, the message importance and attachments? How do we define line breaks in the message body? This post will answer all of these common questions.