Microsoft announces cheaper Power Apps licensing from October 2021

Good news! Microsoft have announced that from October 2021, the licensing costs for many users could fall by half.

Yesterday (1st July 2021), Microsoft announced a change in licensing conditions which will benefit many users.

What does this change mean exactly?

For the majority of users with a Power Apps plan (e.g, users that rely on premium connectors in order to connect to SQL Server or Dataverse data sources), the cost of licensing will half. Specifically:

  • a "per user" license will be $20/user/month, instead of of $40/user/month
  • a "per app" license will be $5/user/month, instead of of $10/user/month

An important thing to note however, is that a per app plan can currently license 2 apps. Following the change in October, the "per app" plan will be capable of licensing a single app only. Therefore, users that currently license two apps with a "per app" plan will need to purchase two licenses, and there will effectively be no change in the cost of licesing.

However, the change to the "per app" plan is positive because from October, this plan will additionally enable users to access one portal. This should hopefully encourage more app builders to build portal apps


The licensing changes from October 2021 will reduce the cost of Power Apps. This is a positive change for app builders and will hopefully increase the use of Power Apps.