Category: Search

Search - Applying multiple AND/OR conditions to the Search function- Workaround

The search function performs a partial match against multiple fields based on a single search term. Where we want to combine additional search terms with a logical 'And' or 'Or', there's no way to do this alone with the search function. This post describes a workaround to perform this task.

Search - How to filter records by date ranges (eg today, this week, this month, etc)

A common requirement is to search records based on date ranges. Example date ranges could include records that have been entered today, this week, this month, this year, etc. This post demonstrates how to build this type of functionality.

Search - How to highlight search terms in search results

We can improve the appearance and clarity of search screens by highlighting the search terms in the search results. This post highlights a method to apply this feature to a gallery control.

SharePoint - Choice function now includes search capability

If you've been using Power Apps for some time, you'll be familiar with the Choices function - the function that retrieves lookup items from a SharePoint or Dataverse datasource. Following an update to Power Apps, this function now offers the built-in ability to filter the results. This post looks at how this applies to a SharePoint data source.

Search - Filter records using A-Z control on a Canvas app

To make it easier for users to navigate the records from a data source, this post describes how to add an A-Z control to a gallery screen that's based on an SharePoint data source. This control will enable users to view all records that begin with the selected letter.

Search - How to filter by multiple fields and return all records when no search term is entered

When adding search capabilities to an app, a very common requirement is to enable users to search by multiple fields and to return all records if no search criteria is entered. This post describes how to carry out this task.