Code - How to define a read-only table of static data

From a code project, how do we define a static read-only structure of data, just like what we see when we import static Excel data into an app? In this post, we'll find out where to define this in a project.

Code - Where do we define datasource, table, and field definitions?

In a code project, where is the code that defines the datasources, table, and field definitions? This post describes the relevant places and as an experiment, we'll see whether or not we can hack the data type definition of a SharePoint field. The purpose of this is to try to a bug where Power Apps doesn't recognise numeric calculated SharePoint columns as numbers.

Code - Template Apps - How to unhide/re-enable the data panel

By using the code designer, it's possible to hack the behaviour of how an app appears in Power Apps Studio. In this post, we'll examine the manifest file of a canvas app and look at how to modify the contents to unhide the data panel of an app.