How you can help improve the Power Apps service reporting page

To help improve the reporting of service interruptions and outages, you can vote for my idea in the ideas forum.

Yesterday, the Power Platform suffered a brief service outage, which affected users in the US. These users experienced the "sorry there's been a disconnect" error

It's very possible that this outage was caused by updates to the platform in the lead up to the MBAS conference.

The service status page provides a central place to view the service status of Power Apps but unfortunately, this has not returned accurate details for several months. Another place to view service status information is through the Microsoft 365 service status area, but the problem with this location is that there are app builders with insufficient permissions to access this area. vice status area..

If you want to help improve the reporting of service interuptions, you can vote for my idea in the post beneath . 

I hope that if enough people vote for this idea, it will raise sufficient awareness for Microsoft to allocate more resource towards this issue.

Screenshot of post follows...