Learn more about Dynamics 365 implementations with this free Microsoft book

"Success by Design" is a comprehensive, strategic book on how to successfully implement new software solutions, and focuses on Dyanmics 365. We can download this from the Microsoft site.

If you're thinking about implementing Dynamics 365 in your organisation and you want to learn more about best practices and how to deliver a successful implementation, you can download a PDF version of "Success by Design", a book that was mentioned by James Phillips in his MBAS keynote.

This book is published by Microsoft, it is almost 700 pages with 21 chapters. It's a high-level strategic book on how to implement Dynamics 365 in an organisation, rather than a book that focuses on technical details. 

It begins by introducing the benefits and features of cloud software, and Dynamics 365. It covers the software architecture and analysis process, including methodologies (waterfall/agile).

The remaining chapters cover the entire process of an implementation including process modelling, GAP analysis, security, testing strategies, reporting/business analyais, go-live, and servicing.

If you're implementing Dynamics 365 in your organisation, or if you want to learn more about the software implementation life-cycle, I would recommend that you take a look at this book.