Updates - How to find the dates and details of upcoming Power Apps feature releases and updates

For planning purposes, it's very useful to know the dates and details of upcoming Power Apps updates. The new Release Planner portal makes this task easy.

The traditional way to discover the roadmap for updates and upcoming releases is to study the release wave documents.

The release wave documentation comes in a PDF file and covers a lot of detail, so to more easily find the dates and details of planned updates, we can visit the new 'Dynamics and Microsoft Power Platform release planner' by clicking the link beneath.  

The screenshot beneath illustrates the planner.

From the left-hand panel, we can select the Power Platform > Power Apps node to display a list of planned feature updates and dates. At the time of writing, these include the following

  • Solution checker enforcement improvements
  • Conditional access policies for individual Power Apps
  • Co-presence in records
  • Data prefetch and cache control to eliminate manual cache management
  • Easy record sharing
  • Organize business logic in your app with components
  • Owner field has improved online presence indicator and contact card
  • Power Fx named formulas to ease development and improve performance
  • Use Lobe models in your apps and flows
If there are any interesting updates/features that we want to monitor, we can log into the portal and add the details into 'My release plans' for easy future access.

In summary, the 'Dynamics and Microsoft Power Platform release planner' makes it much easier to understand the details of planned updates and I would recommend that you add a link to the planner in your bookmarks.