Category: Connectors

Notifications - How to send mobile notifications from a canvas app with SendPushNotificationV2

This post describes how to send push notifications to a mobile device by calling the SendPushNotificationV2 method of the PowerAppsNotificationV2 connector from a canvas app.

Connectors - How to use the Microsoft Teams connector to add messages/meeting invites to Teams

From Power Apps, we can use the Microsoft Teams connector to perform tasks in Teams. The syntax to call some of these methods can be complicated and therefore, this post describes how to carry out common tasks, including how to send messages and how to send meeting invites.

Connectors - How to display lists of apps from within an app

It's possible to show lists of apps, connections, and environment details from inside an app using the 'Power Apps for Admins' and 'Power Apps for Makers' connectors. We can also carry out limited sets operations such as removing, or publishing an app. In this post, we'll explore these two connectors in a bit more detail.