Financial analysts - What's their assessment of Power Apps and the Power Platform?

The financial press seems to be taking more notice of the Power Platform and Power Apps. Here's what they think.

It's not often that I see coverage of the Power Platform in the wider press and therefore, recent articles in the financial press about Microsoft have been interesting.

Microsoft generates most of its revenue from Azure and Office 365. Brent Thill, an analyst at Jefferies (a US investment bank/financial institution) believes that the Power Platform will be Microsoft's next big opportunity and could be commercially more successful than Microsoft Office.

The key points he mentions are:
  • The Power Platform has "an outsized impact via a halo effect" on the entire Microsoft suite (it could have a large impact on all of Microsoft's products
  • The Power Platform could become a "multi-billion-dollar growth pillar" that is comparable to the early days of Azure
  • The prediction of the Power Platform's long-term user opportunity is one billion-plus.
It's very promising that financial analysts and institutions are paying attention to Power Apps and the Power Platform. These predictions support the notion of a strong future in the Power Platform, and I would recommend that anyone new to the Power Platform should definitely seek to find out more. 

For further reading, here are the links to the reference documents.
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