Best Practice - Design and implement better solutions with the Northstar Architecture

If you're interested in finding out more about best practices, including what a good environment strategy looks like, and prescriptive advice on topics such as licensing, security, connectivity, business continuity/disaster recover, and DevOps, the Northstar Architecture is a great place to start, particularly for enterprise architects.

If you're building Power Apps solutions and you need some best practice advice on architecture, something that's worth investigating is the Northstar Architecture.

The Northstar Architecture is an architecture and design methodology from Microsoft that's based on their actual experience of deploying the platform to customers. It's an architecture that they use themselves, and it offers high-level guidance in the following areas:

  •     Licensing and AD tenants
  •     Identity and access management
  •     Security, governance, and compliance
  •     Environments
  •     Management and monitoring
  •     Business continuity and disaster recovery
  •     Connectivity and interoperability
  •     Platform Automation and DevOps
You can find full details of this architecture through the following link:

The following video from Phil Topness, Kristian Nese, and Ken Auguillard offers a great introduction.

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