Microsoft Build 2023 - Best highlights for Power App Builders

Don’t miss the following top features for Power Apps Builders that were announced at the Microsoft Build Conference 2023.

The Microsoft Build conference is a premier conference for Microsoft developers and is currently taking place from May 23rd to May 25th 2023. What were the most exciting announcements for Power Apps builders? Here's a summary of the top announcements.

1 - Creating an app from an Excel file

There will now tbe the option to create an app from Excel. But unlike the previous 'start with data' options to create apps from Excel, this new feature will create a Dataverse table form the data structure and will create a response app based on the table schema.

2 - Querying data with SQL

There will now the ability to query Dataverse data from the Power Apps editor using SQL. This is ideal for traditional developers who are more familiar with SQL.

3 - Dataverse enhancements - creating reusable plugins

There will now be the ability to create reusable plugins in Dataverse using Power Fx. With plugins, we can re-create actions that exist in a source system. An example of this is a SQL Server stored procedure. With this new feature, we can call the stored procedure directly from Dataverse and the Power Platform, and the plugin would store details including the authentication details.


This post summarised 3 announcments that will be helpful for Power Apps Builders. However, there were many more annoucments - most of the hype surrounded co-pilot AI enhancements in Windows, Edge, Microsoft 365 (and some smaller additions to co-pilot functionaity in Power Apps). One of most impressive AI enchancements is the ability to create Power Virtual Agent topics and tiggers using natural langauge. To find out more, a great resource is the 2023 build book of news.

You can also view many of the online videos through the Build website here:
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