Settings - 2 Great improvements to settings area of the Canvas App designer

The settings area of the canvas app designer has now been improved. Changes to key settings don't require a restart, and it now provides better information for app builders. This post provides more details...

Last year, I added a post in the ideas forum that suggested some ways to improve the settings area of the Power Apps designer (shown below).

My suggestion was to allow app builders to change settings without requiring a manual re-load of the app, or to at least warn users when a re-load of the app is required.

The fantastic news is that Microsoft has now implemented this change!
Changes to the 'data row limit' and other key settings no longer require a re-load of the app.

For changes that still do require a re-load, the page now notifies the user that the change won't take effect until the user saves the app and refreshes the page. This avoids the confusing situation where app builders struggle to understand why changes to settings don't work.

It's very positive that Microsoft has fixed these relatively small issues, in addition to the bigger changes that they are working on for 2022 Wave 1. Thanks and very well done to the Power Apps team!