Sample App - Check out this great example of a calculator app

If you're looking for a great example of a calculator app in Power Apps, you should check this out.

Occasionally, there's a requirement to add a calculator or some type of end-user calculation capability to an app.

Although this is a common scenario, there are surprisingly few examples. 

Following a recent forum post, Rob Rush has created a great calculator component that you can download here:

The neat thing about this component is that it keeps track of entries in a 'buffer'. When you complete all the steps of your calculation, you can click the button to return the result.

The calculator is encapsulated in a canvas component, so it's easy to reuse in existing apps.

There's alot of complex logic involved here, so this is a great timesaver if you want to implement this type of functionality or to learn more about carrying out calculations in Power Apps. Well done Rob!