What Power App features can we expect in 2021?

With 2021 just begining, here are my predictions on some of the features that may appear in 2021.

What new features are we likely to see in 2021? To answer this question, the release plan documentation provides details of upcomming features.
Here are 5 of the interesting features that we will hopefully see in 2021.

1.    Functions/re-usable logic in canvas apps

A feature that is missing in canvas apps is the ability to create functions, or a mechanism to simplify the reuse of code and formula between apps.This enhancement will enable us build formula in a much more reusable way, which will improve productivity and quality of our apps.

The public preview for this is scheduled for March 2021.

2.    Model driven apps - more visual designer

The model driven app designer can be very difficult to grasp. For 2021, we’ll hopefully see a much more visual designer, which will allow us to design screens and apps in a more WYSIWYG fashion.

This would enable us to move way from this…

..and to move towards something that looks like this…

3.    Dataverse – record access check

With Dataverse, it can be difficult to work out the effective permissions that a user has on a table. Many users use the utilities in XrmToolBox to add visibility to effective rights. Providing these details natively in the designer would make it much easier to confirm or to diagnose permission problems.

4.    Portals - edit table permissions in designer

With Portal apps, it can be difficult to set up record/data level permissions, partly because this is something that we need to do from the portal management app.

Towards the end of 2020, the ability to set page level permissions was added to the portal designer. It was an improvement to add the settings to the actual page designer, and it would be great to see table level permission settings added to this part of the designer too.

5.    Portals – PCF support

PCF (Power Apps component framework) offers a great way to build reusable components that can work in both canvas and model driven app. The ability to also reuse PCF controls in portal apps would be a great enhancement.