How to open component libraries - component library option missing in app menu 2023

Following the UI update to the Power Apps maker portal, here's where you can now open Power App Component Libraries and Wrap projects.

Following an update to Power Apps, the place where we create and open Component libraries has now changed.

If you have an existing Component Library and you're struggling to find where to open it, this post provides more details.

Where the Component Libraries used to exist

The screenshot beneath (taken from the documentation) shows the tab beneath the 'Apps' menu where Component Libraries were previously shown.

Following the UI update to the Apps menu, the 'Component Libary' tab no longer appears. Instead, we see the options 'My apps', 'Shared with me', and 'All'.

How to create and open Component Libraries

To manage Component Libraries, the first step is to click the Discover menu. From here, you can click the link to open the Component library view, or you can pin it to the left-hand menu.

The screenshot beneath shows how we can pin 'Component libraries' to the left-hand menu. From here, we can create a new component library or open existing component libraries.


If you're struggling to find component libraries because the menu is missing from the apps section, this post describes where we can now create and open existing component libraries.
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