Top 5 reasons to choose PowerApps

With so many other mobile development tools on the market, why choose PowerApps? Here are 5 compelling features.

  1. PowerApps requires no programming experience. It provides a graphical designer that we can use to visually build our apps. PowerApps is based on Excel and the designer includes a formula bar, just like Excel. The language that PowerApps uses shares many of the same function names with Excel. Therefore if you know how to use Excel, you'll feel familiar with PowerApps.
  2. We can easily access company data sources from within PowerApps. Businesses frequently store data in SharePoint or SQL servers inside internal company networks. We can access this data by installing a gateway program on a computer inside the internal network. This provides a simple, non-programmatic way to make internal company data accessible from the mobile apps that we create.
  3. Simple deployment. We can make our apps available to end users through the sharing and publishing features in PowerApps. Compared to other methods of mobile development, there's no need to register for iOS developer accounts, obtain security certificates, or work out how to deploy Android APKs to devices.
  4. PowerApps provides access to hardware features on mobile devices, such as location services and cameras. We can retrieve the GPS location of a device, as well as compass and acceleration values. PowerApps also provides a pen control to capture signatures, and also provides barcode recognition capabilities.
  5. Finally, PowerApps provides lots of rich features, such as the ability to display charts, maps, and videos. We can also access a wide range of cloud services which includes services from Google, Adobe, Salesforce, and many other third party companies.