Settings - What's the purpose of the "Explicit Column Selection" Setting?

The "Explicit Column Selection" setting improves the performance of our apps. But how exactly does it work, and what problems can it cause? This post describes the setting in more detail, including demonstrations of behaviour with traces.

10 Great Ideas to Improve Power Apps

In this post, I review the Power Apps ideas forum and I highlight 10 great ideas that I think would make a big improvement to the product.

What Power App features can we expect in 2021?

With 2021 just begining, here are my predictions on some of the features that may appear in 2021.

Top New Power App Features from 2020

2020 was a great year for Power Apps, with many new features and additions. In this post, I summarise some the top features that were added in 2020.

Formulas - Generating Row Numbers - Part 2

Here's a technique to display row numbers against a sorted set of data in a gallery control.

Data - How to access nested collections/tables

If you're struggling to access records in nested collections/tables, here's some example syntax.

SQL Server for Beginners Part 3 - Installing On-Premises Gateway

Find out how to install and connect to a local SQL Server with the on-premises gateway

SQL Server for Beginners Part 1 - Installing SQL Server

If you're completely new to SQL Server, this post will show you how to install an on-premise instance of SQL Server.

Sample Apps– How to auto save forms, carry out translations, and much more!

Both new and experienced app builders should look at Mr Dang's 'design patterns' app. Read this to find out more, and to also find out how to setup Microsoft Cognitive Services with PowerApps.

Searching data–What you need to know about case sensitivity

It's important to understand how PowerApps behaves in terms of case sensitivity. Here are 3 things you should be aware of.

Images - How to create images that can change depending on data

If you want to build charts or images that can change depending on data, here are some blog posts you should definitely read.

Text - How to get part of a string / Splitting text by spaces

How do you extract sections of a string? Here are some code samples that can help you.

Excel vs SharePoint vs SQL Server vs CDS

Don't know what data source to use? Read this to find out which data source can best suit your needs.

SQL - What you need to know about bulk updating records

Bulk updating SQL data from Power Apps can be very slow. Read this to find out why.

Authentication - Allowing Guest / Anonymous Access

Coming soon! Guest access for PowerApps...

Excel - Reasons NOT to use Excel as a data source

Before you choose to Excel as a data source, you must read this.

SharePoint - What you need to know about Filtering Data

Before you use SharePoint as a data source, make sure to read this to find out what problems you might encounter.

Review of PowerApps - PC Magazine

PowerApps wins the PC Magazine 'Editors Choice' award.

Data - How to validate input data against other fields

Read this to find out how to compare against other fields whilst carrying out validation.